Here you can download a public version of the data as a CSV file. Note that fields are separated by semi-columns, and not enclosed. First 3 rows are a header: timestamp, column names, column units.

SNR table

Note that SNR coordinates are not always very precise, although they are sufficient to locate the object. The field J2000_from indicates if the values given were obtained from:

We try to provide the best values from the literature for each object.

Note that the column size_coarse is only meant to provide an easy-to-use estimate of the SNR extension.
If the flag size_imprecise is set, this indicates that such a coarse value is not an accurate representation of the actual morphology of the remnant.
More details are provided in the text fields size_[radio|X], obtained commonly from radio observations and sometimes from X-ray observations.

OBS table

All high energy observations are listed here (be they actual detections or not, and physically related to the SNR or not), separated roughly into four energy domains (around the keV, MeV, GeV, and TeV).

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